What Happens After You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Most people believe that when you hire a personal injury lawyer, you must go to court. Although it can happen sometimes, most of the time though, you don’t. Most cases can be arranged outside of court. This makes things less stressful for you and not to mention, less expensive. Lawyers also want you to have the best form of settlement in the shortest amount of time. But your attorney should not compel you to a settlement without your permission.

Personal Injury

When it comes to accidents that happen on the road, it is best to use your health insurance or car medical coverage policies that are relevant to the accident. Medica bills will be paid within a period of time after the injuries have been sustained rather than waiting for healthcare providers until the case has been settled. If you have this insurance coverage, if there are benefits payable, they will not be counted against you or increase your rates. You don’t have to be negligent in order to be covered by health coverage and automobile medical payments coverage.

The Process

Personal injury settlements and litigation is a distinctive practice. What a person’s lawyer do can be occasional and he will not always be in touch with you regularly. But still, he wouldn’t leave you to bereave. He is a lawyer and he handles your case. There are many factors why this happen and why a settlement can take time. Here are some of the most common ones.

  1. During an accident, there can be a lot of things to acquire: photographs, police reports, witness statements, etc. These are important information that can help discover how the accident happened and determine who was at fault.
  2. After gathering the information, your lawyer cannot continue with the process unless you have been released from the hospital and has fully recovered. If you are well enough, your lawyer can start collating medical records, results, bills, and other pertinent documents that will identify the damages on your part.
  3. Another delay is soliciting an offer from the insurance company because it has to be reviewed by a lot of employees.
  4. If your lawyer isn’t granted fair settlement through negotiations, he or she will file a lawsuit or demand arbitration. This will take 30 days. The number of defendants will also matter and if they are hard to locate.
  5. If defendants have filed their final statements, a discovery proceeding will begin. This can include witnesses, experts, and other parties. Your lawyer will instruct you about everything to help support and validate your claim. This will take a decent amount of time as well.
  6. After the discovery proceeding is finalized, a date of trial is requested. And the granting of date is out of any of the parties’ hands. It solely depends on the court’s busy schedule.

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