Depression Basics: Symptoms

It is normal to feel sad and feel down from time to time as it is part of the ever-intricate emotions and behaviors of humans. However, when they come with consistent feelings of despair and hopelessness, and you always catch yourself spiraling down, again and again, you are at risk or already have depression.  

There are many symptoms and narratives about depression and the experiences associated with it. Some claim they feel like there’s impending doom, while others feel empty and apathetic. Men may experience restlessness and anger. No matter how you experience depression, one thing remains consistent: when no immediate and proper medication and counseling are done, it can ruin your productivity, social life, and your overall perception of yourself, others, and the future. Contact the counselors in Bowling Green if you feel and experience the symptoms below.  

Signs and Symptoms of Depression 

  • Helpless outlook in life – having a helpless outlook towards self, others, future, and life, in general, is the most common symptom of depression. It is commonly associated with the cognitive triad of Aaron Beck. Other feelings can also be experienced like unnecessary guilt and unreasonable self-hate.  
  • Increased fatigue and lack of sleep – the reason why depressed people stop liking doing things is that they often feel tired. This could result in oversleeping, while others experience insomnia, worsening the fatigue they feel.  
  • Anxiety – nervousness, panic, feeling dreaded, trembling, and restlessness can also be induced by depression. However, depression and anxiety are two different mood affective disorders.  
  • Appetite changes – this can happen in two different scenarios. Depressive individuals may overeat that results in obesity or weight gain, or they may lose their appetite resulting in weight loss. 
  • Irritability (for men) – Research has shown that depressive men are more likely to be irritable. Resorting to substance abuse, risky behaviors and anger can also be signs of depression in men.  
  • Lack of interest – when you have depression, you suddenly feel like to withdraw from the activities and hobbies you liked doing. You don’t look forward to the things you felt passionate about, or to the activities that commonly gave you joy before. Others may feel disinterested with sex or even become impotent.  
  • Suicidal thoughts – depression is oftentimes linked to suicide cases. In 2013 alone, there are over 42, 000 people who died from suicide induced by depression. The depressive individuals may try to talk about sharing their suicidal thoughts to some people until they finally commit the crime.  

Depression and Bipolar Disorder 

This disorder also called manic depression is sometimes misdiagnosed as depression. The symptoms are very similar to major depression. This is problematic because antidepressants will worsen bipolar depression. It is important that you seek professional help rather than relying on self-diagnosis.  


If you think you have the symptoms or feel like someone you know has them call immediate help. Depression is not just an ordinary disease; it has already killed thousands of lives. Recognizing that you have depression is the first step for treatment. But again, we need to reiterate that while self-diagnosis helps for self-awareness, it is still of critical importance that you have a proper diagnosis.